Milánó utcáin


A divathónap harmadik állomása: Milánó. Mindig előremutató, extravagáns, színes, egyéni, és polgárpukkasztó. Íme néhány kedvenc street style összeállításom, az olasz divatfőváros utcáiról. És hogy a kifutók mit tartogattak számunkra, a jövő évi őszi/téli trendekkel kapcsolatban, arról is hamarosan beszámolok! 🙂

Winter whites


Head-to-toe white or creamy outfits look really refreshing in a sea of black, gray, and navy – colours that we usually wear in winter. Here’s some of my favourite street style looks to get you inspired for the new year!    

Story of the belted scarf


During fall and especially in winter, the scarf transforms from being an accessory to a necessity. Thankfully, there are numerous creative ways to tie a scarf which enable us to create different looks and accents with the same scarf. We thought we are already familiar with all those ways….but seems we were mistaken… When Burberry […]

Trendi fesztiválszezon itthon is


A fesztiválok már nem csak a zenéről szólnak, hanem a divatról is. A fiatalok idén is nagy hangsúlyt fektettek arra, hogy milyen szettben jelennek meg kedvenc nyári fesztiválukon. És ha már így történt, összegyűjtöttem nektek a legjobb szerkókat a hazai zenei fesztiválokról, A Balaton Sound-ról, a VOLT-ról, a Campus Fesztiválról, és a Szigetről. Nézzétek csak!  

Rooftop photoshoot


A couple of weeks ago we decided to do a photoshoot, once again, on my rooftop. The outfits were cool and casual, spiced up with a bit of elegance and extravagance. Here’s how the result turned out, and some pictures taken behind the scenes! 🙂 Photos: Orsi Potyondi-Galasi Model: Martina Olajos Make-up: Eniko Horvath Hair: […]

Tribal beats


This season we could see a contemporary take on tribal prints from all over the globe, from Amazonian forest pygmies to the African tribes on the fashion runways. The naïf prints and patterns served as an inspiration for the season and as a remainder of the art of nature. See how you can easily incorporate […]



These pics were taken on the same day as those posted a couple of days ago. As mentioned previously, my blog was never a personal style blog, but rather a forum to share my thoughts, the things I like, the events I attend or the projects I participate in. But lately I started playing with […]

The denim shirt


Denim comes in many guises, not just the traditional pair of jeans. Let’s take the chambray shirt for example. Wear it with a summer-style skirt, some shorts, or some jeans, or even instead of a blazer, it will fit for any occassion. And in case you don’t want to take it on, just tie it […]